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Virginae - Piazza Navona


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Virginae - Piazza Navona

MagnumWino | | Jun 4, 2007 06:12 PM

My wife and I travel to Rome (& Tuscany) every year and we really like this little restaurant, Virginea, on Via Parione just off Piazza Navona. I was just wondering if any Chowhounds have been there and what you think of it. It's not blow you away food, but IMO, very good and seems to be patronized by locals. We were first there in October of 2000. The following year, the same week in October as the previous year, we went back and Anna, the owner, came up to me and my wife and said, you were here last year at this same time weren't you? We were completely blown away that she would remember us a year later. So we make it a point to go back at least for one dinner every time we visit Rome. So, any of you familiar with this place?

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