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Vic & Angelo's Enoteca, Delray Beach


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Vic & Angelo's Enoteca, Delray Beach

themaddiner | | Oct 21, 2008 01:46 PM

Vic & Angelo's Enoteca, Delray Beach

having been to their original pga location i knew what to expect for the most part. the renovation of the old space was very well done and for the first time i believe a restaurant will survive at the location that has seen so many fail. reservations were honored on time as we were led into the extremely loud dining area opposite the bar room. flat screen televisions are positioned above each table playing movies etc. as the music blasts. the menu is fairly large with something for everyone. they use a team service format which caused minor problems such as confusion over who was bringing which dishes to which table, who was bringing the wine etc. having been open only a few days, i'm sure it's something that will work itself out. service is a bit gimmicky; bringing out the different types of pasta in a colander to explain each one is unnecessary. our server managed to do one of my least favorite things, let me know which items were her favorite for each course . . . thanks, but no thanks. the bread service appears nice but doesn't really make sense. a cutting board is brought to the table with a small white paper bag with a few slices of fresh bread as well as salt, roasted garlic, olive oil and a single bruchetta. who gets the lone bruchetta? a better idea would be to bring one per person. the bag o' bread had the same issue, 3 slices for a party of four? they will provide more if you like but it would save time and make more sense to simply bring the appropriate amount for the party. on to the food . . . the grilled calamari was excellent, served with a crispy salad and balsamic dressing. parmesan fries were fresh. the shrimp bruchetta were very good with plenty of flavor and the roasted artichoke was one of the best i've had, perfectly cooked and flavorful. the lasagne was a serious problem, delicate on top yet rock hard on the bottom and inedible. the butternut squash torteloni were nearly all dough with little filling or flavor. the pizza was acceptable although it suffered from the same problem most 'coal oven' pizzas have . . . simply overdone. i can accept a slight char on my pizza, but not 50% of completely black carbonized crust. pizzas cooked in this manner really must be watched carefully as the cooking method is less forgiving than a standard oven. the tiramisu was bland to end the meal. it's got a good atmosphere and some very good dishes. i'll return for drinks and appetizers.

• lively atmosphere
• some very good appetizers
• friendly staff overall

• gimmicky service
• typical overly charred pizza

• inedible lasagne

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