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Vanishing Stock


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Vanishing Stock

Frank | | Dec 2, 2004 10:35 AM

I made the quick chicken stock, (from Cooks Ill. see below), and only got 4 quarts of stock.

I put in 5 quarts of water and there is the chicken juice .

My question is, It this result normal?

Dice and Sauté 3 onions,
10LB Chicken Thighs cleaved into three pieces, Sautéed Browned, Deglaze
Sweat Onions and Thighs for 20 Minutes,
Add 5 Quarts Boiling water with Seven Bay leaves, Bring to Boil,
Simmer20 Minutes, If you want Skim the Foam, (I did not),
Strain and defat,


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