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uniquely Ann Arbor and very special?


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uniquely Ann Arbor and very special?

emerilcantcook | | May 6, 2009 05:46 PM

I'll be visiting your pretty town soon, and I am wondering if you can help me eat. I'll be doing the expected pilgrimage to Zingerman's, but rest is kind of fuzzy. I am wondering if there is anything else that is not available elsewhere, like the Poutine in QC, brats in WI, pizza in NYC, fish tacos in CA, and etc. I am an equal opportunity eater (both in terms of provenance and price), but mind you, where I live (the republic of Quebec) is pretty well stocked in terms of French, Vietnamese, some Middle Eastern (mostly Lebanese). I'll also be celebrating my birthday during my trip, so perhaps a special dinner is in the plans (if there are special people involved, which is a rare occasion on work related trips, eeek! weirdooos!).

So I am looking for:

Culinary experiences you might not be able to get elsewhere (akin to the pastrami at Zingerman's)
I really really don't want to eat French. I live in Montreal, and I am pretty well spoiled for that, borderlining boredom. I'd rather eat some range of food that is not well represented where I live (Laotian, Burmese, Ethiopian, Turkish, Japanese, Mexican, Scandinavian, German, British, basically most non French/ French colony cuisines)

I have about 3 lunches, and 3 dinners. One dinner could be devoted to a birthday splurge. Interesting breakfasts are welcome, but I can just do without muffins or bacon/eggs to save calories for upcoming meals. Dessert is always good, if it is not sheet cake.

Thanks in advance, and visit us sometime.