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Umami? [discussion of restaurant]


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Umami? [discussion of restaurant]

shnigglebob | | Dec 17, 2006 06:55 PM

[[ This post was split from a thread discussing umami as a flavour, where ChowhoundX asked about the restaurant: "Has anyone heard anything about this place? I think it might not be open yet." To talk about Umami as a flavour, please see the thread on Food Media and News: -- The Chowhound Team ]


I've stopped by Umami quite a few times this past week. They just opened quietly last Tuesday. It's located at 2909 Webster Street just off of Union Street in the old Yoshida-ya spot. Another beautiful collaboration by Vintage 415. The interior design is contemporary with slate wall behind the bar, wood fixtures and tables, plush red carpet, and stone details in the flooring. I especially like the buddha and lucky cat statuettes and kokeshi dolls. The food is pan-asian cuisine and showcases some favorites of each culture including Japanese (sushi, shabu-shabu), Korean (Bim bim Bap), Vietnamese (pho, shaking beef), etc. The restaurant has two floors: you enter the bottom floor with smaller size 4 and 2 top tables, the sushi bar and main bar, while the second floor has larger 8 person booths, a long banquet table, a few 2 tops and an open window to the kitchen.

I haven't had a chance to try the menu yet, but I've good things just within their first week. I've also heard that their specialty cocktails are a must-try.