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Tybee Island Social Club on Tybee Island, GA


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Tybee Island Social Club on Tybee Island, GA

valereee | | Jun 21, 2010 09:50 AM

New this month to Tybee Island is a worth-a-visit "taqueria" (hate to call it that, but the menus is all tacos) with some ambition.

On a weekday recently we walked in as the place opened for lunch and ordered a couple of fish tacos and a glass of wine for me, beer for him. The beer selection satisfied my difficult husband, who would have liked to have seen more craft choices (he's not a fan of IPA or Weiss beers) but happily settled for a Negro Modelo. I went with the menu's wine rec for the fish taco (can't remember the name now) which was pricey ($9) but excellent. I'd have had a second glass if we were staying.

You order inside at the counter and they give you a table marker, then bring you your drinks and food. We sat outside (getting just a whiff of garbage being blown onto the patio from three cans beside the patio by humongo fans) on the shady-from-noon-onwards covered porch and were very comfortable on a 90+ and typically humid June day.

The tacos were smallish for the price (~$4.50) but excellent. I'd asked the counter/waitress if a single taco was enough for lunch and she'd said yes. In my case (I'm a small 50-yo woman and not a huge eater) it was enough, especially with a glass of wine, because they were so luscious -- pear chutney on my fish taco, the thick (handmade? didn't think to ask) tortilla freshly fried, the fish a nice large grilled chunk. But it was definitely a smallish taco. My husband, also not a huge eater, could happily have eaten a second. So YMMV.

They were advertising a Wino Wednesday with 8 - 10 tastings (of Argentinian and Chilean this week) dishes and accompanying wines for $35, and hubs and I will probably go back to try it. Definitely an upscale addition for Tybee.

Tybee Island Social Club
1311 Butler Ave, Tybee Island, GA 31328