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Tucson: Dessert report


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Tucson: Dessert report

Claudette | | May 30, 2007 11:41 AM

Just got back from our quarterly trip to Tucson, and did a dessert tour this time.

Crave Espresso (on E. Broadway) has 2 pastry chefs in house, and their pastries were excellent. The veggie quiche was soft and not overcooked (the best commercial quiche I've ever had); the blueberry scone was moist, flavorful, and tender (the best commercial scone I've ever had). I know I sound like a broken record, or an employee, but I'm not. I do make great pies, quiches, and scones, so I was duly impressed. Their iced toddy was terrific, and a technique I'll have to try to duplicate at home (72-hour-cold-steeped coffee). The service was friendly, too.

Something Sweet had a great variety of desserts, and we'd go more often if the curtains and tablecloths weren't so last century. The cherry pie was flaky, not too sweet, and crammed with cherries; the chocolate raspberry cake was a terrific chocoholic fix; the Boston Cream Pie was just okay (good flavor, but needed a crust to contribute texture). I liked that the portions weren't huge. I hate huge portions of mediocre food.

Blue Willow's Apple Pie had a thick, doughy crust but a very tasty apple filling.

Zeppoles at Primo are still my favorite dessert: light-as-air cinnamony donuts - yum!

Vivace's spumoni was nicely flavored, and the nuts and chips added great texture.

IF you have any faves to report, I'd love to hear them for my next trip. TIA!