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New Orleans Trip Report

Trip Report: NOLA December 4-8, 2009


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Trip Report: NOLA December 4-8, 2009

bmoskowitz | | Dec 10, 2009 03:08 PM

Just wanted to give the rundown on my visit to New Orleans that ended on Tuesday. I was there for the big conference at the convention center and was basically alone.

I flew in on Friday in time for dinner. I stayed at the Sheraton and decided to walk into the Quarter and sit at the bar somewhere. I was thinking of trying Mr B's Bistro, so I gave it a shot. There was one seat at the counter when I arrived and I shimmied my way between two locals (as I later came to find out). I had the gumbo ya ya and the BBQ shrimp, along with an Abita amber followed by a glass of French white. I liked the gumbo and the French bread in a bag that it came with. It was a rich, meaty gumbo with a kick to it. Next came the BBQ shrimp. Again, I enjoyed dipping my French bread. But the garlic got to me after a while and I couldn't finish. I don't think I'm a a great lover of BBQ shrimp, I'm ashamed to admit.

After dinner I headed up to the Sazerac Bar in the Roosevelt Hotel and tried the Ramos Gin Fizz. A bit too rich for my blood. I changed to another Abita and was happy. The hotel lobby is beautiful and I liked the local crowd. It was cold that night and I stumbled home quite tipsy.

After working Saturday morning without eating breakfast, I headed over to Acme for an early lunch. This was perhaps the best meal of the trip. I had a half dozen broiled oysters with cheese on top and the 10-napkin roast beef po-boy. Fantastic. I sat at the bar and chatted with the shucker. The guy next to me put ketchup on his oyster po-boy and the shucker told me that was how the locals did it. Not me. I did have a bit of ketchup with my roast beef, though. Very satisfying. I had a coke to complete the hangover remedy.

For dinner, I went to yet another bar--the Hermes bar at Antoine's. I had a Pimm's Cup, some oysters rockefeller, and the kobe cheeseburger po-boy with that brown dipping gravy they make. I wasn't that hungry, but did enjoy the food and chatted with the staff and patrons.

After an early meeting Sunday morning, I walked to Stanley and had breakfast. The eggs Stanley--very tasty.

Watched the Saints game at Lucy's in the Warehouse District--fun place. I skipped lunch, though. Then for dinner I went with a friend to Restaurant August and again sat at the bar. The food and wine were very good. We had some kind of cooked oyster appetizer and I had a great salad with beets and egg, and then an appetizer-sized plate of blue crab gnocchi. Some kind of chocolate nouget thing for dessert was very good and the wine by the glass was excellent..

On Monday morning I went to Mother's for breakfast and had a biscuit with eggs and RB debris. Really enjoyed it. For lunch I went to the Butcher at Cochon and had the muffaletta. It was pretty good, but not as good as central grocery, which I had on the flight home.

On Monday evening I was so full I could eat nothing more than a bowl of gumbo at the gross Sheraton Lobby bar. But the food was from the restaurant upstairs and wasn't bad, actually.

Tuesday morning I went to Cafe Du Monde for the usual. It was good, but not as fresh as usual. Still, I enjoyed it.

Then, as I said, a mufalleta from Central Grocery for the plane. I ordered a half and ate half on the plane and half for dinner in New York.

What an eating orgy. Fantastic. Acme was the highlight, but I really liked August, Mother's Breakfast, and the Hermes bar. And finally got to the Sazerac Bar! Great time talking to the locals, as well.

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