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Recent trip to New Orleans (long)

cajungirl | | Jun 28, 2006 03:10 AM

I've been reading the posts for several weeks, gearing up for a trip to N.O. for the ALA conference. I am happy to report on a great dining experience for one happy Cajun Girl. Our first night in town, we just happened to pass by Rio Mar. What luck! Although it was crowded, we were able to secure a table in about 45 minutes. The appetizer was outstanding, two small red bell peppers stuffed with a chilled crab filling! Sorry I had to share with my husband, it was so good. Would be a great way to cool off in the hot summer heat of late. The entrees were not as great, but still good. The shrimp with saffron rice was overpowering and a bit boring after a while. The pan roasted boneless rainbow trout wrapped with scallions and stuffed with Seerrano ham was very good. But the dessert was magnificent. At the recommendation, no make that insistence of our waiter, we got the Tres Leches de Coco...a yellow cake with a touch of coconut and three kinds of cream. I really wanted to order a second one, it was so good and not too sweet. There was only a hint of coconut, so don't worry if you're not too fond of it.
The next night we went to the Palace Cafe. See the reply I posted to a recent post about concert dining for anniversary.
Finally, we were able to have Breakfast at Brennan's on Sunday. It is pricey, I'll admit. But so wonderful. First you just have to have a Milk Punch. It is still the most perfect and incredible breakfast drink. We had turtle soup, which is very good, with a bit more tomato than the Palce Cafe's. I had the Eggs Hussarde (which is Benedict with Marchand de Vin sauce added), and my husband had Eggs Benedict. Both were cooked to perfection, with soft egg blending with, yet not overpowereing the other various flavors. We completed our experience with Crepes Fitzgerald. The strawberry topping contrasted with the cool cream cheese filling of the crepe. As if we hadn't had enough, the waiter gave us an extra bananas foster which he had mistakenly prepared for a nearby table. It was every bit as wonderful as I remembered from my previous visit many years ago. When I heard they had recently re-opened, I just had to go. (Good news for my husband, they don't require a jacket at breakfast.)