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Trader Joe's: No Discount Given For Bringing Your Tote


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Trader Joe's: No Discount Given For Bringing Your Tote

globocity | Jan 26, 2013 08:01 PM

This is such a minor curiosity and it doesn't affect my shopping there but thought I'd post. So here in San Diego, shoppers at Target, Whole Foods , and Sprouts get a 5-10¢ discount on the bill per tote that a customer brings in to bag her/his groceries.

Up until a few years ago, TJ would reward customers for this by entering their names in a drawing for a gift certificate.

But they stopped this all together. A very informal observation of mine revealed that most TJ shoppers have the clerk use TJ brown paper bags; ditching the whole I Wll Just Use My Totes movement.

Think TJ abandoned the discount-for-totes beacause 1) It is cheaper for the corp to buy grocery bags vs give discounts and/or 2) They figure the average TJ customer will bring in their reuseable totes regardless of extrinsic rewards?

Thank you for playing. Cheers.

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