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Tony C's Coal Fired Pizza

nypb | | Mar 13, 2009 08:30 AM

I was very excited to see that we were getting a coal oven pizzeria close to the house. I've been looking forward to Tony C's opening for months. Back home I lived within walking distance to Lombardi's, John's and Arturo's pizzerias so I think I'm qualified to judge the quality of a good coal oven pizza. Well, I finally made my way over there last week and was very impressed. As soon as my wife brought the pie into the car I could smell the parmesan cheese on our Marinara pie (standard pie, sauce and cheese). It smelled just like a pie from Lombardi's (minus the fresh basil).

When I got home I tore the box open and started eating the slice on my way to the cabinet to grab myself a plate. I was in a pizza trance and my wife was mad because I didn’t get her a plate too. The crust had that perfect crunch that only a coal oven can deliver. The sauce was not too sweet and nice and chunky. A good pie overall and I would recommend this place to anyone that loves thin crust pizza (and especially anyone that loves coal oven pizza).

The hallmark of any good pizzeria in my opinion is consistency. I delayed this post until I tried Tony C’s a second time. Ordered another Marinara and an order of garlic knots (yay, garlic knots!). The garlic knots were a little pricey @ $5 for a ½ dozen, but they were pretty good (nice crunch again and doughy within) and served with a side of marinara sauce. The pie was really good again but there was a little less sauce on it this time which detracted from the quality slightly. When I order a pizza I don’t like to make special requests (extra sauce, well done, etc.). I like to think the pizza maker has all of this down.

Next time we will try the Margarita and one of the heroes.

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