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Going to Tokyo. Need some recommendations.


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Going to Tokyo. Need some recommendations.

big_apple_ken | | Feb 9, 2010 07:23 AM

Hey guys, I'm going to Hokkaido next week to snowboard but will be in Tokyo the week after for 4 nights. I'll be staying at the Century Southern Tower in Shinjuku. Official address is 2-2-1 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.

Before I ask for recommendations is there an English food review site (sort of like yelp in the US) that I can do the research myself?

Although I am not that price sensitive the friends (6 of them) I am traveling with might be a little so we're not really going to try any super high end place. My current plan is basically to find:

1) Tasty places in Shinjuku we can easily get to
2) Tasty places in Tokyo we could try out if we are nearby

So things I love:

- Ramen (damn I crave a good bowl of ramen)
- Delicious sushi (was thinking about trying the ones at the fish that good bang for your buck or it is a tourist 'scam'?)
- Yakitori
- Donburi/Curry Rice
- Really good soba
- Chanko Nabe/Sukiyaki (kind of appropriate for winter eats)
- Okonomiyaki

I'm a major foodie but I've never been to Japan to eat....SO EXCITED! While I'm doing my research I'd love to hear all your great opinions! Thanks!