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Tokyo Itinerary...Thoughts and Suggestions?...


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Tokyo Itinerary...Thoughts and Suggestions?...

fishskis | | Jul 19, 2014 08:55 PM

I will be in Tokyo for six days and nights in September (after spending four days in Kyoto). I have a tentative dining plan, but I would appreciate comments and suggestions. I am planning on booking reservations for about half of the meals there (six reservations); I would like to leave open spaces for more casual/ local and spontaneous dining.

A little about me; I have been to Tokyo only once (and to Kyoto three times), but to various places in Asia quite a bit. I will be staying near Ginza at The Conrad. I have spent a lot of time in Paris, and to give you a sense of my taste, I love L'Astrance, Sola (modern, artistic French-Japanese fusion by Japanese chef, and Pierre Gagnaire. So, generally, more creative contemporary cuisine and atmosphere is preferred. Quintessence seemed like a perfect choice for me, but they are closed the week I am there. I live in Los Angeles, and I love great sushi, though with Omakase, I am not always happy with everything the chef chooses, so sometimes I prefer to choose for myself (I understand that Omakase is part of the high end Sushi experience, and that is fine). I have done high end kaiseki several times, and it is generally not my favorite experience; I will be doing one kaiseki meal in Kyoto, and I do not want to do one in Tokyo.

I would appreciate comments about my general plan, as well as specific suggestions or alternatives.

My tentative plan is as follows:

- Sushi Yoshitake, dinner
- Edition Koji Shimomura, dinner
- Tapas Molecular Bar, dinner
- Narisawa, lunch
- Leffervescence, lunch
- Pierre Gagnaire, lunch, or possibly dinner (How does this compare to Paris? Would you recommend other French options instead...Robuchon Le Chateau, Beige?)

- I plan on doing at least one Teppanyaki (or Japanese beef) restaurant. There is a beef place in Kyoto called Hafuu that I like a lot; will the options in Tokyo be different/ better?

- I might want to do one more high end sushi experience, but, as I mentioned, I am reticent to do another omakase since sometimes I feel like I end up eating a lot of things I don't like (tako, Ikura, clam)

My hotel suggested two places for teppanyaki: Biefteck Kawamura and Ginza Ukaitei; any thoughts?

I also plan on doing sushi at Tsukiji Market, though I am not generally a person who will stand in line for an hour or more to partake in some tourist ritual. Any suggestions here?

Thank you in advance for the help.