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Tips: What determines your tip %?


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Not About Food

Tips: What determines your tip %?

Chemicalkinetics | | Dec 17, 2013 09:44 PM

I had another post about tip years ago, but I have a few new questions.

I am sure that most of you agree waiter and waitresses service determined the tip level. Is he being polite? Is she being tentative?

Previously, most of you said that the foods/dishes should have no impact on the tip. In other words, getting an overcooked/dried out salmon should not count against the tip. Conversely, having a perfectly cooked steak should not boost the tip amount.

What about food delay or order being mixed up? Let's say you ordered a piece of steak and you got a piece of tuna? Or you order 4 small dishes and the 4th one never came until you asked for it, and you had to wait for another 20 minutes?

Thus far, I did not count these against the tip, but I wonder what do you people think?

When you gave out your tip, what exactly were you grading in your head?

Thanks for sharing.