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"Tikka House BBQ Grill Restaurant"


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"Tikka House BBQ Grill Restaurant"

rootytootyfreshnfrooty | | Jul 4, 2007 08:02 AM

This is off their website,
"Tikka House & Family have a long line of history in the restaurant business for over 60 years going back to the city of Karachi , in Pakistan . Also, our family also has one of the best barbeque spots in a place called Food Street , in Lahore , Pakistan where there are dozens of store fronts that all sell different kinds of barbeques and other dishes. Our store in has won an award for the best food in Pakistan from the President of our country. The reason for our success is in the special technique and spices we use to marinate our barbeque items and the experience and great taste our cooks have. Now we are in New York to bring the same delicious taste & flavor along with many delicious Afghani dishes as well. Don’t take our word for it, come try our kababs and other items and you be the judge. Choose from Chicken Tikka to Biryani, Lamb Chops to Nihari, Beef Seikh Kabab to Gyro’s. Everything on our menu is made with fresh meat, vegetables, herbs, and ground spices. You will never find a taste like this anywhere else, we have our own unique taste and we hope you enjoy everything we have to offer.

The wife and I, after an excruciating day of nothing going right, accidentally stumbled on this Franklin Square restaurant (at 700 Franklin Ave) that totally blew our minds. We are not that well versed in the Pakistani Kabob (their spelling) world, but everything at this place that we had was thoughtful, out of the ordinary, light and delicate (the mantoo and paratha were total standouts). They have several different Kabobs to choose from- the beef and lamb tikka were both super tender from marination and served as a "Quabilee Pallow" (that's on rice with carrots, raisins, and almonds).

The menu is extensive for pakistani, and is peppered with a bunch of afghahni stews, veggie entrees, seafood, and excellent condiments. An overall cleanliness and un-greasiness permeated the food we got. We live in Brooklyn and will definitely return.

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