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radioactivebetty | | Nov 3, 2005 11:51 AM

i'm a media studies major at hunter college and for one of my journalism classes i have to interview people and write an article based on the interviews. since i'm actually an aspiring food journalist my story is featured around thanksgiving and the diversity that comes with this "typical american holiday." i'd love to interview people who have a unique outlook on thanksgiving and the way they celebrate it, especially through the dishes they serve. so far my ideas/i'm looking for are the "blending of cultures" where first and second generation immigrant families celebrate thanksgiving but combine it with their own culture to make it their own (ie: asian american families serving stuffing and turkey spring rolls) or putting traditional dishes from their country along with the usual thanksgiving dishes. other people i'd be interested in interviewing would be vegans and vegetarians and how they prepare their thanksgiving dinners,people who are making their first thanksgiving dinners and hosting them, people who dine out or get already made thanksgiving dinner (ie: boston market), or anyone who has a unique and interesting outlook on the "traditional" thanksgiving dishes and traditions. i'm open for ideas as well as interviewing many people.

if you're interested you can comment here or send me an e-mail at the.subterranean.movement@gmail.com and i'll contact you to see if we can figure something out...if you know someone who would be interested in this..please pass on the word! i'm in the very beginning stages of figuring this whole story out but i wanted to see how many people actually would be willing to be interviewed and participate in this before i tried a story that no one wanted to be interviwed for.

thanks again!