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Tea Smoked Duck: What went wrong?


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Tea Smoked Duck: What went wrong?

Westy | | Jan 14, 2008 05:42 AM

Hello -
I setout to smoke a duck this weekend. I scalded it (vinegar, lemon, salt brine) after slashing the skin the night before. it air-dried fairly well: The skin was papery by the next morning.

I put it int he cooker at about 350, and set a pan of tea leaves off tot he side. My gola was a tea-smoked duck.

Alas...not to be. The duck stayed...pale. Really pale. I added more tea. Still pale.

I soaked some oak chips and added them to the coals. Finally: Smoke. End result was a smoky, crisp-skinned duck. Amazing color and skin.

The duck came out great, but why didn't the duck get ANY color from the tea?

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