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Tally Tasty Pastry

sunsuze | | Aug 12, 2008 11:05 AM

I often enjoy going by Tasty Pastry for a danish or a bagel but must report a recent disturbing incident. Saturday I was at the Wine Warehouse. On my way to the car I saw a young woman with a three tiered cake sobbing her eyes out. When I approached her I noticed the cake - which truly looked like a junior high school home economic project gone bad. Her story was that she ordered the birthday cake, paid $240 in advance, and when she came to pick up the cake found it to be damaged (it was on the side), not made as ordered, and an over-all big disappointment. It WAS an ugly cake - no argument. What really griped the birthday girl was that nothing was offered to her - except the ugly cake. No attempt at repairing the smeared side, no partial refund for a three tiered disaster. My intension is to warn other hounds (though I would never buy my cake from them as long as we have the Cake Shop) to perhaps be a little careful when ordering custom cakes from Tasty Pastry and to certainly not pay the full amount in advance! The birthday girl certainly has small claims compliant if she can't get a refund.

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