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Taipei Cafe, Leesburg - Never again


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Taipei Cafe, Leesburg - Never again

meimei | | Feb 9, 2007 08:47 AM

After 2 days of Korean fried chicken talk, I was craving for some. But since eatting by myself puts the place in Centreville out of question. Than I remember some Chinese restaurants serves this fried rice/fried chicken combo. Tho its not Korean friend chicken, its not traditional American either. It kind of falls inbetween, a very cruchy on the outside but not much coding style. Only place I can think of near by that have this would be Taipei Cafe. I have not been there inawhil, but I have been there before, and it was ok-good. So I went.
My fist mistake was not speaking Chinese with them. This may sound very unfair but this usually gets me better food, and good services. I was tired, the girls at counter was not the ones used to be there, etc. Put in my order, asked my fried rice to be soy sauce free. This girl prented she didn;t understand me and replys with they are cooking right now, it'll be good.
At this point, my interest has switched to how different would I be treated? So I say nothing and waited. To meet the $8 min. for using a CC, I also put in an order of hot/sour soup, and fried wonton (My 2nd and 3rd mistake). All things I;ve ordered there before.
When I took my food home, I thought I have brought home the wrong order. The fried rice was very much darken by soy sauce, I can almost see it dirpping. The chicken was very tickly battered, and when I tried to break it apart I can clearly see the white pale skin. The wonton tasted like leftovers and with extra ciltron to cover some other weird taste. Soup, was ok at the first 2 sip, than it went all down hill from there as well.
So after some friend rice, 1 piece of chicken, 1 bite of the wonton, and some soup, the ladies room has became my 2nd office today......

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