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Swing Top Bottle Hot Sauce

kwilson742 | | Jan 20, 2013 05:51 PM

I"m looking for some more information about canning with the swing top bottles and I'm wondering if anyone is familiar with preserving/canning hot sauce or any other kind of sauce using these bottles (not jars) - they have a ceramic plug with a rubber gasket and a wire bail. I have several of these that I would like to use for preserving homemade hot sauce and other sauces, however once these are sterilized and filled, I'm not sure how to process the bottles. Can they be processed in boiling water like regular canning jars? It seems if the wire was snapped in place, there would not be enough give for extra air to bubble out during the boiling process - I'm afraid the bottle could burst in this case. However if you just put the stopper on top of the bottle, without using the wire to lock it down, it seems like there's not enough resistance and water would just seep into the bottle. Or would i just be able to get the sauce hot enough ladle it in and invert the bottles instead of doing a waterbath ? Any advice would be great! I'd also like to note, that one of the sauces I want to make doesnt involve any fruits or veggies, except for some lemon juice, does that make a difference?