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brooklyndigest | | Jun 22, 2009 11:33 AM

I just moved back to the nabe after living in Kensington for 2+ years and I'm trying to figure out the best way to do my grocery shopping. When I lived there before I worked retail (non-traditional hours), so wandering over to 8th Avenue on a Tuesday to grab my produce and meat was never a huge drag. Now, with a 9-5 tucked in my back pocket, I find my only chance to head over there is on the weekend when everyone else is shopping = more folks, less lovely product... The Key Food on 5th across from the park is a little too far away from me to make it my mid-week, grab this-n-that spot and the Bravo on 4th and 49th (much closer to my house) charges decent prices on some things but is exorbitantly overpriced on other items.

My question, then, is what's your MO for getting fresh, decent quality, affordable produce/meat/seafood into your fridge? There's a butcher at 51st and 5th that closes before I get home from work... has anyone tried it? Has the produce at the 24 hour spot @ 50th and 5th improved from over 3 years ago? Obviously I'm capable of wandering around on my own two feet to figure this all out, but I thought I well-placed plea to fellow denizens would unlock some tasty secrets. Thanks in advance!