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Sunset Grill (Nashville) slipping?


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Sunset Grill (Nashville) slipping?

11 Hound | Nov 29, 2004 07:38 PM

Had the opportunity to get to one of Chowhound's oft-recommended favorites during a layover in Nashville recently. Here's a brief summary:

Sunset Grill - my friend (who lives in Nashville) ALSO highly recommended the place, so we went and I tried it out for the first time.

- Some food items VERY unique and good (fried mac and cheese). Other stuff just above average (special I tried was a three-cheese ravioli with a mesquite sauce, as I remember). The almond-coconut dessert I heard about repeatedly was very good and certainly unique, but too cute by half - difficult to eat, unwieldy to share, etc.

- Took THREE tries to find a wine on their several-hundred item wine list that they had in stock. Since I managed to pick two in a row that they were "out" of, I wonder how many they really have. The waitroid said they have a sommelier, but I have to wonder based on my experience. Anybody know?

- Place wasn't busy (my friend said that was rare) but some food items were still VERY slow. My friend says Sunset Grill has a reputation for being very noisy, but that wasn't a problem on an uncrowded night.

- Naturally they mananged to get BOTH a wine they didn't have AND the wine I ended up with onto my bill. I get increasingly suspicious of a place when the error is in their favor (AND run on my CC before I had a chance to see the itemized bill). They claim to have corrected it.

- Overall, I'd recommend Sunset Grill if it existed in a vacuum, but with Zola and especially Bound'ry nearby, skip the seems-to-be-fading Sunset and go to Bound'ry (a truly unique experience, imho). Next time I'm hitting Tayst.

Anybody else got any comments?

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