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Every Have a Stainless Steel Pan Blow Hole in the Bottom While Cooking?


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Every Have a Stainless Steel Pan Blow Hole in the Bottom While Cooking?

karmalaw | Jun 18, 2008 12:34 PM

I just had the oddest thing happen:

I put water on to boil (more than 3/4 full pan) to make some mac and cheese -- added salt (as is usual) in a 18/8 TriPly Stainless Steel saucepan that I have had an used for over 20 years.

It was clean, in great shape (no abuse), and placed on a clean stove (electric).. I turned the heat up to high to boil the water -- as I always have...

And lucky for me I was standing on the other side of the kitchen.. I heard a LOUD KaPOP.. and see a VERY small fireball burst from the pan/burner and landed about 3 feet away.

The burner started going dark -- I turned it off -- removed the pan -- and noticed that water was dripping.. so I emptied the pan and saw an irregularly shaped hole about 3 pinheads in size... black on the outside around the hole.. I inspected the burner and there is a hole in the burner the same size/shape to match the pan...

So the question is: What the Heck made this happen?

I can think of nothing that I know of that could have been on the burner or the pan to cause this... I see no reason why a stainless steel pan would have suddenly burst out with a hole when it was nearly filled with water....

So, before I decide that my stove is engaging in terrorist activities... give me some ideas for the cause on this one....

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