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St. Patrick's Market

stet | | May 4, 2010 07:00 AM

I'm sure most of you remember when Queen/John was home to St. Patrick's so-called Market, really just a warehouse full of fast-food eateries. Well, slowly over the past few years, all the fast-food restaurants closed, and the building became a decrepit eyesore with a Ben & Jerry's sign that said "CLOSED FOR THE SEASON--SEE YOU IN THE SPRING" all year round. There was a single greasy Chinese food place left in the back corner that still operated, but it finally closed and the last vestige of the tummy-ache mini mall is gone.

Lately, though, it looks like someone's putting in effort to have it renovated. In fact, there's a sign up that says "Queen Live -- St. Patrick's Fresh Food Market," with a mock-up image of a pedestrian mall with shoppers and a shelf full of assorted bottles of olive oil.

Does anyone know about this? What's going in? Are there any leases? Would you ever buy fresh food from a place that looks from the outside as though it hosts parties for centipedes at night and may or may not have originally been an abattoir?