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Spring has returned to Tavern


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Spring has returned to Tavern

maudies5 | | May 1, 2010 08:21 PM

When Tavern opened in the Spring of 2009, it featured fresh, seasonal ingredients. One of the best dishes was the asparagus over a bed of soft polenta and topped with a fried, breaded poached egg and a thin slice of Parmesan. This was , truly, a seasonal dish, as it went away when the fresh, local asparagus went away.Sticking a fork into that egg and watching the yolk, literally, melt over the asparagus and polenta is almost a sybaritic experience.
Tonight, my husband and I arrived early, around 6:30, without a reservation and seated ourselves at the bar. It was fairly quiet at that time. Within 20-30 minutes, the restaurant and bar were packed.
Anyway: We each ordered the fried oysters with bacon on brochette with aioli. This is on the bar menu.
I ordered the asparagus dish as my main (served as an appetizer on the dinner menu) and my husband ordered the Hamachi crudo (from bar menu) as his main.
Desserts: Homemade "Snicker's" for him (beyond decadent)
panna cotta for me.
Service was warm and friendly.
Check included 2 martinis and one draught beer. Total: $100.00 plus tip. It was a wonderful meal. Great flavors and pristinely fresh ingredients.
Nothing else even approaches the quality of this food in Brentwood. Tavern is an island in a sea of Italian restaurants. Yet, another Italian restaurant is opening. Chez Mimi (next door to Amici) has been sold. They are looking to emulate Toscana.

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