To splurge, or get a variety of cookware? So many questions!


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To splurge, or get a variety of cookware? So many questions!

fancyshmancy | Apr 30, 2014 08:58 AM

I'm sure this topic has been covered here ad nauseum but I would like some advice. We just bought a new induction range and will need a bit of new cookware. All of my current stock have been gifts, so I've never had to do any research on brands/quality before! I'm finding the process very exciting, yet stressful and confusing.

I am wondering whether to buy a small set of all-clad (7-piece), or to buy piece-by-piece. We have a few cast iron skillets and some cheap SS saucepans, so sets may give us a few items we don't need. I am torn between splurging on all-clad (is it really worth the $$?!) or going with the Tramontina set from WM. The Tramontina SET has good reviews, but the individual pieces, not so much. All-clad always has good reviews but we would probably only be able to afford a few pieces of this. We have a budget of around $350-400.

We live in a small town, so going out and physically touching the cookware will require a 4 hour drive or so.

Basically my questions are:

- Variety or a set? I would probably splurge on the fry and saute pan, but need to cut back when it comes to stock pots and/or dutch oven.
- Stock pot or dutch oven? Or both?
- Should I go with the regular tri-ply 12 inch skillet, or the d5 for induction? Do you think the 10" would be sufficient in a set?
- All-clad or another brand?

Thanks in advance!

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