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Social House, Las Vegas...disappointing experience


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Social House, Las Vegas...disappointing experience

lvnvflyer | | Nov 11, 2006 04:07 PM

We ate at Social House in the TI a few nights ago; we are big sushi fans and wanted to take a friend there on her last night in town. Unfortunately, we ended up feeling that the general attitude was just that, attitude, and that the food was pretty far down on the list of items that was receiving attention.
The hostess stand is downstairs in the TI, with the restaurant upstairs. The restaurant has a bar area and a patio, which overlooks the lagoon in front of TI. The bar area is definitely happening, with a large crowd even pretty early in the evening. The hostesses and waitresses we dealt with were definitely not of the warm, make you feel welcome type. They also were not of the knowledgeable type, as we discovered when we asked our server about one of the rieslings on the menu; she told us that "it was from Germany" which we had kind of already figured out. (This was after she told us that edamame "were soybeans...") She then tried to open the wine with a corkscrew, which would have been okay if it hadn't been a screwtop.
The food was pretty disappointing. We ordered toro, which was tough, chewy, and poorly presented, which for $20 an order was not a good start. We also started with a kobe beef tartare on taro chips with a peanut sauce; it was nicely presented, but pretty skimpy and again, a bit too chewy. The rolls we had included a salmon/avocado roll, a spicy hamachi roll with a lime-soy dipping sauce, and a lobster curry roll. The spicy hamachi roll was quite good; the salmon roll was fine; and the lobster curry roll, which was quite pricy, was very disappointing. The lobster was dry, and the curry was a pretty invisible element.
We also had some shrimp tempura with spicy ponzu sauce; that was excellent, with an abundance of shrimp cooked just to the point of doneness, and the sauce added to it. We returned to the deep fryer for dessert, with "fried dough balls" which were pretty much exactly like they sounded. They came with a chocolate and a raspberry sauce; the chocolate sauce had congealed so it was impossible to dip the dough balls in it, but the raspberry sauce was okay.
The prices at SH are comparable or just a touch below Okada or Nobu, but the food and the service are not anywhere in the ballpark of those two places. There are too many other good places to get sushi in LV to go back to SH.