New Smoker - need help


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New Smoker - need help

Lis | | May 26, 2006 09:11 PM

I recently purchased a Bandera smoker/cooker. Though the $800.00 smokers appealed to me more, my budget sent me this way. Plus, it looked more my size - very fitting for a 5 foot 100 pound women.
I have only tried smoking a small pork roast on it and it turned out terrible! My husband did not want to use the hickory (wood chunks) I got, and I don't think we used enough charcoal. We could not get the temperature above 180 degrees. I am thinking we need to add at least 4 to 5 pounds of charcoal and more hickory.
A friend gave me a bag of Cowboy Hardwood Charcoal. How do I use this? I would like to smoke some ribs and a pork roast this weekend. Of course after reading the thread on "Memorial Day Menus" I don't know why I am sitting here. I need to be making a road trip!!!
What I need is some help on how much charcoal to add, and if any of you out there have this smoker and (or) can give me some tips.
Thank you,