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Smoked Salmon Method/Recipe

coastie | Jun 19, 2008 11:58 AM

Hi, looking for some tips - have some beautiful red fillets. Am used to smoking meats, and fish. However, I am looking to make "squaw candy" (sorry) style. I have been sucessful with getting a teriyaki style piece of smoked fish. Which was ok but I want that ultra chewy - sweet fish I was raised on. I am cutting fish into strips. Using a shoyu based marinade with lots of brown sugar, little garlic. Marinated for about 3 hours 1st time ,am thinking overnight??Smoked (hot smoked don't know temp) about 3 hours it seemed done- but am thinking this time should be longer , smoke temp lowered. This recipe was always guarded and rarely well duplicated....anyone? Anyone ?
Thanks for your help
Maybe the shoyu is the problem?, I bet everyone used Kikkoman back in the day. Its saltier and maybe cures the meat partially that way, creating the chewiness?

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