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Skirt Steak for Lunch?

ipsedixit | | Jan 21, 2011 02:08 PM

Where do you go for skirt steak at lunchtime?

I think skirt steak – esp. at a steakhouse – is the perfect choice for a lunchtime meal. It’s not so hefty and rich like a porterhouse or a ribeye that it’ll weigh you down or make you look like a total glutton in the middle of the day. But it’s still red meat – and a mighty fine tasty cut of red meat. To me, it’s the perfect cure for the midday red meat blues.

And today I had those blues. So it was off to Carlito’s Gardel (which, by the way, does not get enough love on these boards). With their great $24 3-course prix-fix menu, not only did I get a damn good slab of skirt steak, but I also ended the meal with a dulce de leche ice cream.

I think Nick & Stef’s also does a fine skirt steak for lunch, which goes perfectly with the German potato salad.

I know Malbec also has a skirt steak on the menu, but never have tried it for lunch.

So, where do you go for skirt steak, esp. during lunchtime?

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