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BChow | | Feb 13, 2010 08:13 AM

We love breakfast. We love places where you know someone cares about the product and the place. We love Ortega's on the Westside for Mexican breakfast, we love Milton's in Lawrence, Eggctra in Brookside. 20 years ago we loved it when Steve had the Corner in Westport and still enjoy the other Corner in Riverside. When we heard that Simply Breakfast had opened in Westport we looked forward to having a new option nearby. Sadly, and no ill will toward the owners, at this point they haven't pulled it off. The space and location, near Murray's and Californos, are fine, in fact sunny and attractive. But the ordering at the counter, styrofoam plates,plastic utensils, packaged pancake syrup are off-putting. The food is slightly expensive, $7-$8 plates including coffee and underwhelming. A breakfast burrito in a cold ungrilled tortilla hints of being microwaved, the ingredients retaining their separate identities on the styrofoam. Pancakes look listless and undercooked. It may not fit the owner's business model, but to get us back they should eat at Eggctra, use that as a standard, get plates and coffee cups, forks and knives. Hire two waitstaff and if my suspicions are correct disconnect the microwaves and get somebody cooking in the kitchen.

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