Non-Seder Passover Recipes/Ideas


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Non-Seder Passover Recipes/Ideas

almond tree | | Mar 4, 2013 11:37 PM

There's another thread already for favorite Seder recipes, which the OP wants to keep on topic.
So I've decided to start a thread for general Passover recipes & ideas.

Here are a few general meal suggestions I sent to a local food board a few years ago:
(These are all non-gebrokts.)

* I tried meatballs in tomato sauce with "spaghetti" made of cut-up potato starch blintzes - kinda a lot of work but yummy & fun. You could also make a pareve mushroom/tomato sauce.
* Blintzes can be filled with all kinds of things - various meat mixtures, leftover chicken from soup, sauteed mushrooms, mashed potatoes with fried onion, etc. Pareve ones could be a main course for vegetarians & a side dish for omnivores.
* apple latkes - grated apple, potato starch & eggs. Good side dish with meat or dairy.
If you have a Pesach oven, try:
* peppers, large mushrooms or eggplant stuffed with ground meat or ratatouille
* potato kugel made with half sweet & half white potatoes, plus lots of onion & minced cusbara
* tuna loaf (When cold, this is good to take along on picnics, if you have an insulated bag or other means of keeping it cool.)