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Seasons, Stonington (ME): worth a trip


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Seasons, Stonington (ME): worth a trip

mainemal | | Aug 8, 2012 06:24 PM

This is the only restaurant in Stonington with any pretense, and has been through 3 successive owners in the 7 years since we first ate there. Current owners are keeping it open year-round (Th-Sat in the winter), and are about to move to a larger space near the Isle au Haut terminal, I think. The menu is not very interesting on the face: fairly usual non-friend Maine summer food. But the presentation and tastes are outstanding. SO and I shared a caprese salad for openers: safe and bland, one would think. But in addition to some excellent mozzarella and fresh tomatoes, this one featured some nice arugula with shaved parmesan, and an avocado mousse around the outside: great and different! I had oven-roasted halibut (favorite fish of mine): again, you might think this an ordinary sort of dish. But mine was not only flawlessly cooked, but sat on a chopped (only way to describe it) potato cake, good flavor (probably early fingerling), topped with crispy green beans and asparagus below the fish, and an excellent understated citrus sauce. SO had equally delicious crab cakes (local) with a sauce I can't quite remember at the moment, but again, understated and very tasty. For me, dessert was the high point of a great meal: was informed that the chef / co-owners is a Brit, and dessert included has gran's sticky toffee pudding...the best I've ever had on this side of the Atlantic. Wines a good selection and reasonably priced by glass and bottle. Bottom line: do yourself a favor if you're even slightly nearby, and pay a visit to support decent food in a challenging area.