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z4fox | | Jun 22, 2012 09:25 PM

I have been making my own Chorizo skinless sausages using a Moulinex meat grinder model 133. I have long wanted to step up to casings and sausages such as bratwurst but I was in a quandry about what type casings to use and especially where to buy smaller quantities.

I have seen comments in Chowhound suggesting that one should ask the local butcher but the butchers in Bloor West Village, where I live, were more encouraging for me to buy their sausages than for me to be making my own.

Almost by fluke, I came across a company in Toronto that deals with meat processing supplies called the "Yes Group Inc.." and they retail as well as wholesale. They are located in the east end (404 & Woodbine, north of Steeles) and I live in the west end but the trip proved to be well worth the effort.

Yes Group has a neat little casing package, which I bought today, called a "BRAT PACK." This is 60 feet of natural pork casings, which should produce about 50 pounds of size 32-35 sausage and can be refigerated for up to one year---in the tiniest compact package imaginable. The price was under $15.00.

But in addition to the price, size, and quantity, the staff are extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of 'sausage making'. I spoke with Mario Henry but it is very likely that any of the staff will be equally good. Mario gave me a ton of tips and hints about how to handle to casings and convinced me that my current grinder was more than adequate even though Yes Group does not carry Moulinex.

I see from their website that they also carry beef, lamb, and collagen casings. In retrospect I regret not looking at their spices but maybe another time. I'll post again later to let you know how my bratwurst turns out.

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