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Saturday Afternoon Fish Fry


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Saturday Afternoon Fish Fry

John | | Oct 1, 2000 02:14 AM

Stopped by Horace & Dickie's (12th just north of H, North East, for out-of-towners) this afternoon on the way home from synagogue (nusach sepharad, of course) and enjoyed a classic H&D sandwich: deeply-fried fillets of fresh whiting: meaty, crunchy (mix of flour and corn meal, I believe, but only lightly dredged), and (half hour after I left with brown paper bag in hand) just the right temperature for snarfing down between the slices of Wonder. Perfect New Year's treat! My only beef is the tartar sauce, which at H&D is simply Kraft/Hellman's mayo (crammed into a 1" diameter plastic bucket) with barely a schnickle of pickle fragments, but (god forfend) no capers, dill, lemon juice/rind, much less pepper or salt. But drench those bad boys in distilled white vinegar (Heinz, of course) and hot sauce (Frank's, probably, though possibly Pete's), slather with some homemade tartar, and you're golden. Oh, and the prices: approx. $2.59 (tax inclusif!) for a one-piece sandwich, or $3.89 for a two-piecer. Extra tartar 11 cents per. (Not worth it.) Fried chicken can be nice as well, but it tends to sit in the fry cage, since we all orders fish. Crab cakes are mostly breadcrumbs. Shrimp doesn't hold up to the row of fryers. Fries are defrosted crinkle cuts (Ore-Ida, probably). But oh, the whiting!

Any other suggestions for similar in Dee Cee? Always looking for a good fish fry. (New Yorkers, join in! We refugees from Nueba York are always looking for reasons to hop on the shuttle!)