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salt & pepper calamari


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salt & pepper calamari

lunchout | | Apr 27, 2008 11:58 AM

I just had a rare and wonderful food surprise. I got salt & pepper calamari for the very first time ever - ordered at a usually mediocre hole-in-the-wall chinese food place.

I enjoyed a delicious, nuanced, satisfying meal. I love squid - but if it is not cooked well it is terrible, so I don't generally choose it while eating out.

Each piece of squid was very lightly coated in some kind of seasoned batter, fast cooked, dressed with a light and delicious sauce mixed w/ diced red pepper and thin slices of green chile. Some salt, some spice warmth, some tang - but nothing so strong as to overwhelm the subtle flavor of the tender squid itself.

So, now I'm on a mission...where do you go in Boston for Salt&Pepper Calamari?

Bonus points for someone who can explain why restaurants serving cuisines from all parts of the world frequently use the Italian word for squid.

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