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salsa canning

salsamaker | | Sep 5, 2011 06:59 PM

I need to gather info regarding canning salsa without cooking it first, only doing a warm water bath. 1st off i use mostly diced canned tomatoes but sometimes do add fresh tomatoes. Also i see a lot of recipes calling for lemon juice and or vinegar to help "protect" the salsa will lime juice work just as well? I really dont want to cook the salsa 1st will doing the bath only allow for a good seal and what do you think the minimum amount of bah time should be using 1 pint jars doing 7 jars at a time. Also which part of the recipe is most crucial to keep from spoiling tomatoes/peppers/onions/garlic/cilantro is the one that i should be putting the lime juice on rather than just adding the juice to the whole batch??? sorry for so many Q's thanks for any help.