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Tord Svenson | | Jan 4, 2000 11:13 PM

Tom wrote ---
Re(2): Salem St and North End Delights
From: (Tom Stebbins)
Posted: January 04, 2000 at 15:15:41

In Reply To: Re(1): Salem St and North End Delights
Posted by Tord Svenson on December 31, 1999 at 22:34:55

Tord et. al. Chowhound,
La Summa and Scali Natalia are now next on my list. I've exhausted all novelty out of Salem St. and am eager for more culinary adventures. I had a few frugal adventures this weekend, as my wallet was a bit drained from Y2K binging.
--------- snip -------------
Tom --- Please keep telling us about Salem St. in the North End where you live. There are a lot of little places along there that we can learn about. A few months ago I was looking for some pizza down along Salem St. and came across a brick-oven place with a name using "forno" something or other - "Antico Forno" ? ( that's one name in the Yellow Pages on 93 Salem) -pretty good pizza. Salem St is lined with places to try. As you eat your way along, keep us informed.
What my wife and I like to do is to shop at the Haymarket outdoor stalls just across the Expressway from Salem St. and the North End. The Haymarket used to be mostly Italian when I was a kid -now it is a mixture of many peoples - North African, Middle Eastern, Eastern European, people from the West Indies, Asian peoples - and still many Italians. I find great cheese in a little market shop indoors. The guy had several pounds of Swedish Gjetost for me at $2 a pound. Recently I bought five wheels of Brilliat Saverine French cheese for $3 lb. I get fresh figs ( in season) -and all sorts of fish. Salmon fillets for $2 lb on Saturday afternoon. A box of avocados -two dozen for $3 per box. Often we go to Salem St. for lunch and hit the stalls at the day's end when everything is going cheap and the vendors are headed home. Any tips about good food on Salem St. would find a welcome ear here.
Take Care