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Miss Saigon in Tucson


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Miss Saigon in Tucson

Roberta | | Nov 13, 2001 07:11 AM

Attention all noodle lovers: Consider Miss Saigon on Campbell, south of Speedway. This restaurant opened, what about 6 months ago, and I have to tell you it's fabulous! I have been back repeatedly to savor my favorite: Miss Saigon Chicken Noodle Soup (and I order wontons additionally). You know the drill: fabulous broth served in a huge bowl full of delectable and slightly chewy rice noodles, sliced white meat chicken and the accompanying dish of bean sprouts, cilantro, basil and limes to be added as you wish. (one waitress recently encouraged me to add some hoisen sauce which was also quite a lovely addition). OH, heaven!!! They also serve pho, steamed broken rice plates, egg noodle soups and other dishes. Now the quirky part: Three items I have tried to order each time I go are NEVER available and the explanations are as varied as the menu. Who knows? CAnnot ever get the "special fried rice slow cooked in a Clay Pot". Oh, well... Did I mention the prices? The above described soup is $5.50. On the wall is a four column listing of some of the strangest drinks I've ever heard of and I haven't ordered them simply because they all have sugar in them. Flavored milk, flavored tea, "Snow" and "Slush." Some time when I'm ready to indulge, I'll probably try something with tapioca in it. Tapioca, Jelly, or Coconut added to any drink is $.50 Sounds like a bargain. I wonder what the "jelly" is, hmmmmmm. So, as the weather finally cools down here (oh, joy!) warm yourselves up with this true comfort and soul food.