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Sabor Brasil - Long Branch


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Sabor Brasil - Long Branch

bgut1 | | Feb 24, 2008 06:25 PM

Mrs. Bgut1 sent me out this evening with the assignment that I bring home something nice for dinner. Boy did I have a hard time. All the typical fast food places are out. We've been doing too much sushi of late so no to Japanese. I decided to drive through Long Branch for some ideas and past by this place.

For a Sunday night, Sabor Brasil was doing a nice bit of business. Its sign outdoor consisted of chickens roasting on a spit so how bad could it be? I walked in and immediately noticed I was probably the only non-Brazilian in the restaurant. Undeterred (no pain no gain), I persisted and approached the front counter and asked for a menu. Although I was handed a menu in Portuguese, I was directed by a nice lady to this large buffet with many unfamiliar items. In her broken English she did her best to describe some of the dishes: chicken, fish, black beans, and sausage. I thought of asking more questions (i.e. how the items were cooked, etc.) but knew that due the communication gap, it would be too difficult. I decided instead to just pick out a little of this and a little of that and see what I liked.

I have to admit I had low expectations but when I finally returned home I was pleasantly surprised. I am however at a loss to describe what exactly I ate. Some highlights were the small sausages (more like a mini polish kielbasa), the black beans, a fish of some sort (in saffron maybe?), fried plantains, and this dry bread crumb and I believe beef mixture (I'm completely baffled by that one - sorry). The only disappointment was the chicken which was too dry. Otherwise, a nice find and I plan on returning to try some more of the buffet as well as the interesting desserts on the counter. I love finding places like this serving food I would not normally ever get a chance to try. Total cost for my takeout order was $7.20.

BTW, I also drove to Jack's Rib & Ale House for a rack of ribs and some wings for the Mrs. (knowing she probably wouldn't share my interest in trying some Brazilian food). Good Luck.

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