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Rite of Passage - My Turn to Make The Latkes


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Rite of Passage - My Turn to Make The Latkes

peppermint pate | | Nov 29, 2004 08:14 AM

Every year, for as long as I can remember, my aunt has made the latkes for our family's Channukah party. Unfortunately, after 87 very good years, she passed away earlier this year. I have volunteered to step into her very large shoes for this year's festivities which we are also hosting. I plan to make about 70 latkes and I'm hoping the 'hounds can help.

I've read the earlier thread that Jim Leff started in July. The consensus seemed to be that I need to grate the potatoes (and my fingers to the bone, apparently) using the small holes on the grater. Then what - squeeze the water out? add onion? flour (what kind/how much)? salt and pepper? Should I use an oil with a higher smoking point (peanut?)?

Also, much as we like to eat them hot out of the pan (okay, maybe drain them first...), I can't do that since we're hosting as well. How will they fare if I make them in the morning and reheat them at a high heat in the oven? I assume that would be better than freezing them.

Last question - I thought I'd throw in a few sweet potato pancakes as well, just for something different. The recipe from Gourmet '01 (off of Epicurious) looks good. Anyone tried it?


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