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What do you do when the restaurant makes you sick?


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Not About Food

What do you do when the restaurant makes you sick?

HickTownBarnaby | | Dec 9, 2008 04:26 PM

I was having lunch at a restaurant and had the feeling that there was something slightly ‘off’ about one particular dish. It wasn’t anything so specific as to raise a complaint about. Just a feeling, more or less….

Three hours after leaving the restaurant I suddenly experienced an explosion of sickness that was embarrassing---and that put my plans for the remainder of the evening….on hold.

This is a highly-regarded fine dining establishment, one that I’ve visited many times without incident. I wasn’t going to say anything to the restaurant, but my friend said they should know about what happened.

So, after I had recovered and thought about it, I sent a gentle note to the owner just to make her aware. Her reply: silence.

On one hand, I can understand her lack of response. Almost any acknowledgement could be seen as an admission of fault on her part---and in her position she probably wouldn’t know if it was her food that made me sick or something else entirely. On the other hand, I could almost be offended by the lack of response, if I wanted to be.

I didn’t eat or drink anything before or after my lunch and I’m as certain as I can be about what caused the illness.

Oh, well. I guess things like this just happen from time to time….

Your thoughts?

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