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Reservations at Blanca

mla19 | | Aug 1, 2012 11:53 AM

Anyone know how the reservation process is working at Blanca (Roberta's "off-shoot")? Their website said to call today between 10am-6pm for reservations. Each time I call, an automated message says they're busy with other customers and to please call back, but then it beeps and asks you to leave a message. After a bunch of tries dialing this morning, I left a message. When I tried again, the mailbox was full and I was happy to have gotten a message in before the voice-mail filled up. Fast forward a few hours to now and the initial automated message is back on. Do they intend for people to keep calling until they speak to a live person or are we supposed to leave a voice-mail and someone will eventually get back to us in the order they were received? Very confusing and their website provides no further details.