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Report from Denver Metro/Ft. Collins trip


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Report from Denver Metro/Ft. Collins trip

rovingfoodie | | Jul 8, 2009 10:07 PM

A few bright spots from a trip which, as usual, was filled with one too many trips to McDonald's (the kids love the playland):

Denver Metro:

Strasburg, CO: KT's Famous BBQ - Tiny little place with great food. For about $40 we got the sampler platter with 4 different kinds of sauce on ribs, pulled pork, pulled chicken, brisket, 4 corn muffins, and 3 sides (the cheesy potatoes were tasty), plus two hefty pork and brisket sandwiches that came with a cup each of very good red and green chili. Fed 4.5 of us for two days.

Chains: Macaroni Grill, Denny's, and Texas Roadhouse all treated us pretty well - the lemon passion dessert at MG, the bacon avocado burrito at Denny's, and the prime rib at TR were especially good.

Fort Collins: La Luz: Our reliable stop for terrific fish tacos, homemade salsa and cheap local beer on tap. Tried the Atomic seafood burrito - a little too spicy, but once we removed the clumps of chopped jalapeno it turned out to be a tasty mix of fish and shrimp. Still prefer the fish tacos.

Avogadro's Number: Kind of disappointed in the sandwiches here - the falafel was ok, the fixings were hit-or-miss - but the fries were really good (they seem to do the batter-dipped thing). Plus the back patio's treehouse and the cheap soft serve were great for the two 5 year olds we had in tow.

Beau Jo's Pizza: Another reliable place, though the service was a little off - had to repeatedly flag down servers to order, and one of the chairs had hot sauce on the seat (ew!) But it *was* the first day of Brewfest, and the $2.50 pints of O'Dell's and "Colorado-style" pizza with the whole-wheat crust helped smooth things over.

Ice Cream: Gelazzi did a nice job with the amaretto and toasted almond gelato we ordered, though I must admit it didn't measure up to my beloved Capogiro in Philly; Walrus worked well as a place for the kids and the cappucino oreo was mighty tasty.

Hopefully next trip we'll actually get to return to Denver proper!

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