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Refills To Go at Sit Down Restaurants


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Refills To Go at Sit Down Restaurants

OCSteve | May 9, 2012 04:14 PM

I want to get some feedback from my fellow ‘hounds on something. I regularly have lunch with co-workers. I really enjoy their company, and we are great about trying new places as a group, but there are a couple of them that do something that I find a little embarrassing.

At the end of the meal in sit down restaurants after we have paid the bill, they will often ask for an additional soda in a to-go cup. We are a very open with each other as a group and joke with each other all the time. I have called them out for doing this (in fact, I told the group today I was going to post here about it), but they see nothing wrong with it, reasoning that they have paid for a soda with free refills. They usually have at least one refill while we are there; sometimes they have several. In my mind, asking for a refill on the way out the door is inappropriate. Am I right to be embarrassed by this, or do I need to lighten up?

Thanks in advance for your input. We are all looking forward to seeing the responses.

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