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Quick Port Question...

Andy P. | | Jan 21, 2001 05:44 AM

Hi all,

A friend of mine recently moved back to the U.K., and left me with an unopened bottle of port. The label reads like this:

W. & J. Graham & Co.
Years of Age Tawny
Finest cask matured Port

I've spent a good bit of time today reading through the past Chowhound posts on port, and am pretty sure that I know the answer to my question, but just want to be sure...

Is this port ready to drink now? (I'm guessing "yes", based on the info about cask aged ports).

This will actually be my first experience with tawny port. What do you port afficionados think of this label? Don't worry, I have no pre-conceived expectations for this tasting, so be blunt.


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