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Quick Bite at Sorriso


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Quick Bite at Sorriso

MB fka MB | | Mar 27, 2007 10:03 AM

Stopped in for a quick bite recently. It had been about a year since my last visit, where I found some dishes to be great, others a bit of a miss. I was craving some kind of fritto misto, which somehow I thought they offered, but no.

I had the Suppli al Telefono - Risotto Croquettes with Porcini and Fontina ($6) and a half order of the Linguine di Farro, Roasted Brussels and Pancetta. ($17 - $10 for the half order).

So the risotto croquettes (why aren't these called arancini?) were outstanding. Such a great balance of ingredients plus some nice sage flavor, and extremely light--crispy on the outside, toothsome on the inside. There were 3 to the plate, which was safe, I would have chowed on these for real.

The pasta dish, too, was delightful. I'm told it is all made in house. The flavors were wonderful: smoky pancetta, tangy brussel sprouts, a nice grated cheese, sweet caramelized onions, highlights of lemon and certainly some kind of good stock as the base. The pasta was a little overdone for my preferences, but the flavor of this dish was a winner.

Pizzas coming out of the kitchen looked great. Thin looking crusts with nice browned and bubbly edges. I'd stop in again when I'm in the area.

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