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Question regarding Market Tote bags


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Question regarding Market Tote bags

duck833 | | Jan 30, 2010 09:44 AM

It appears that the green movement regarding reusable market tote bags is starting to reach mainstream customers.

I am doing some research regarding tote bags and am interested in what foodie types use at local stores or farmers markets. I personally love my french blue basket that I probably paid $35 or so for.

I have found mass produced 12 oz canvas totes selling for $10-15. Also more custom made versions with separate areas for baskets of berries and pockets for c-phones and plastic bags. These are around $35-40. I also have found totes with a thermal liner to keep the contents cool.

What do most folks use for totes? Is there are market for the $35-40 dollar high quality tote? Do you like them plain or do you get them with design, pictures or local advertising on them?

Thanks for your responses!