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Question about Kombucha with green tea


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Question about Kombucha with green tea

Lynndsey Rigberg | Jul 7, 2014 05:46 PM

Hi Chowhounds, I've dived into the kombucha craze and started brewing some at home. I'm just starting to brew my fourth batch today when I noticed the SCOBY had a fine sprinkling of light green dots. It did not look like mold. It look like green tea residue. Or so I think.

For the rest of you kombucha brewing experts, have you had this experience with your SCOBY picking up some of the green tea residue?

I then tasted it…and I "think" it tasted fine. I say "think" because I've read so many blogs/articles about Kombucha turning bad and so on that I am a little nervous.

What's the worse thing that can happen if you taste some "bad" kombucha?

Thanks for any information!

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