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CambridgeFoodie | | Nov 12, 2008 11:03 AM

Celebrating a close friend's birthday this week and looking for a great cut of meat (porterhouse). Short of lucking out and finding an unmarked prime steak at are my choices:

1. Savenor's: Dry Aged Prime, $32.99 per pound.

2. Wholefoods: Dry Aged Choice, $17.99 per pound.

3. Dewars: Black Angus Steer Beef, $14.99 per pound. I got confused when talking to the meat guy here (am unsure if he knew his stuff). He claims that their Black Angus is in the top 5% of all meat sold(and the top grade of Black Angus)...but is not rated Prime. He claimed that they have sold this for years and it is great.

4. Costco: Choice, $6.99 per pound.

Of course, I could just go for the most expensive option (Savenor's), but am willing to (and happy to) go with another option based on CH members' advice.

Thank You.

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